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crab shell with crab meat

Recipe. What can you do with crab shells? Main recipes use crab shells to be filled with crab meat and being served as a cold starter, we have here a nice alternative.

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 C-Quest your supplier of cleaned crab shells.

Crab shells being washed at C-quest

C-Quest has evolved with the years into becoming one of the major suppliers of cleaned crab shells to the food industry. Located in Upwey, near the port of Weymouth in Dorset (UK), C-Quest is well situated to operate their crab cleaning business.

Caterers and Food industry.

The crab's empty shell is sent to C-Quest facilities where it will be cleaned and prepared to be reused by food companies and caterers. All crab shells are graded and washed individually before being packed into cartons and then onto pallets for shipment. C-Quest supplies both British and Continental countries.

The edible crab, Cancer Pagurus, is a species of crab found in the waters of Northern Europe, Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. It is a robust crab of a reddish-brown colour, having an oval carapace with a characteristic "pie crust" edge and black tips to its claws. Mature adults may have a carapace width up to about 24 cms and weigh up to 3 kg.


Did you know? The crab shells we use are called Cancer Pagurus and the total amount of crab caught in the year 2007 was 45.000 tons between Norway, France Ireland and the UK. (IMR factsheet).